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  I was suffering from acidity problems and hives . After meeting Dr . Jaya and following her Ayurvedic supplements. I feel much better and the problem has almost completely gone . Also my 6 year old son has chronic asthma and used to have frequent episodes of asthma attack .We started following Dr. Jaya's Ayurvedic herbs and started seeing tremendous change with reduced episodes of asthma attack . Thanks to Jaya for helping both of us .  Ash - CT  

  ”I just wanted to let you know how well I have been feeling since I began following your recommendations. I have been having an especially bad time with IBS this year. I took your advice two weeks ago at the start of symptoms and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my system relaxed and returned to normal. And so many of the things you suggested were right in my kitchen already! Thank you for your help. You have a new and enthusiastic patient! Thank you!”JBD -Kent,CT


Few years ago during by annual physical exam my blood cholesterol was reported high with high bad HDL and my physician prescribed me 40mg of Lipitor dose. I continued Lipitor for almost a year that brought down my bad cholesterol levels but I had developed joint pains in knee and shoulders. Then I tried to find some other alternative solutions and finally approached Dr. Jaya. Dr. Jaya suggested me Ayurvedic remedies that I continued for a year. During my next physical I was happy to see my reduced levels of bad cholesterol and hence continued the same. I have completely stopped taking Lipitor and my cholesterol levels are within the range. Last year I had developed a shoulder pain and then went to see orthopedic specialist. After few x-rays and evaluations I was told to go under surgical procedure to get rid of the shoulder pain. When I asked the specialist about the guarantee that my pain would go away, he could not assure me. I consulted Dr Jaya for the shoulder pain and she advised  me Ayurvedic herbs and massage with Ayurvedic oil that I continued for a long period of time. My pain is reduced and I have not gone for the surgery. NowI became a strong believer of Ayurvedic philosophy from my personal experience and always prefer only Ayurveda for any kind of illness for me and my family.
Thank you Dr. Jaya. M-Norwalk 

 Two years ago I suffered from a severe case of pleurisy which is the inflammation of the lining of the lungs. It caused excruciating pain every time I breathed and I was hospitalized twice. I went to every specialist in almost every field of medicine and was finally prescribed prednisone, but was still in pain and told to wean off of it due to its side effects. No traditional doctor was able to tell me how to wean off of it. The doctors wanted to put me on Methotrexate, which is a cancer drug, but I refused because of the list of side effects. That's when I discovered Dr. Daptardar who suggested 3 simple supplements and some dietary changes. Within a few months I was off the prednisone and pain free. She saved me from a debilitating and very scary condition. I have since brought my daughter, who suffers from a chronic case of acne, to see her. She is experiencing great results for the first time in eight years! Thank you, Dr. Daptardar! NC - Hartford CT   - 


A year ago, my mom developed pleurisy and western medicine could not help her. She set up an appointment with Dr. Jaya Daptardar and began taking Ayurvedic supplements. Her pleurisy was cured in only a few months. As for me, I have been suffering from very bad acne for almost ten years, anxiety for six years, irritable bowel syndrome for six years, and occasional flare-ups of eczema since I was born. My main concern is my acne. I've tried almost everything a traditional dermatologist has prescribed me and nothing worked. I reached the age of twenty-one and still had terrible acne. My mom brought me to see Dr. Daptardar because she had been so helpful for her. Dr. Daptardar advised me a list of Ayurvedic supplements to take twice a day and also told me to order Neem & Aloe soap and wash my face four to five times a day with it. It has been about three months since I started the supplements and soap washings and my skin has gotten so much better. I even feel better too. I notice that I have less anxiety and my digestive system is more at ease than it has been. The most surprising thing is how well the Neem & Aloe soap works on my acne. It's a miracle. It shrinks your pores to a normal size, gets rid of oiliness, completely flattens out your pimples, and helps them heal very quickly. This soap has helped my acne more than any topical or oral medication a traditional dermatologist has ever prescribed me. My face is 99% clear. Now I only have one or two pimples at a time, when before I would have ten to fifteen. My self-esteem has also gotten so much better because of how great my face looks. The best thing is that everything Dr. Daptardar suggested me is 100% organic with no side effects. I'm progressing quickly and I'm very excited to see where I'll be at the six month mark! Thank you so much, Dr. Daptardar!  XXX-NH


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  I have suffered from severe allergies. Used to get hives and itching all over the body. Tried all the treatments from dermatologist to allergy specialists. I was not able to sleep at night. I was so frustrated with taking steroids. I heard about Dr. Daptardar and her Ayurvedic counseling.  I made an appointment with her immediately. Dr Daptardar suggested few herbs to take. I started feeling better with in few days. I am so happy that I met her. Now I do not have any problem. Thank you Dr. Daptardar for your best advise. Tina- Stamford, CT

“I've suffered with arthritis in my fingers for years and have taken every over-the-counter remedy imaginable. Changes of the seasons were particularly difficult. Many days I'd wake up and have to run my hands under hot water in order to function! Working with Dr. Jaya and finding the right combination of supplements and oils has been a blessing! I'm virtually pain-free, functioning at 100%! Thank you for everything you've done.”K-CT 

“Suffering from a nagging aching knee at end of EVERY day, I was scheduled to have meniscus surgery. I met Dr.Jaya Daptardar who diagnosed my problem by Ayurvedic way and recommended a combination of herbal medications and a very soothing balm. It is now approximately one month since I started the Ayurvedic medical regimen; I have cancelled the surgery, as I am almost totally pain-free, walking without my previous limp and feeling 100% better. I would definitely give the Ayurvedic way a close look before scheduling any surgery. Thank you, Jaya! “