Our Corporate Workshops for wellness education



On- site Wellness retreats and holistic programs for corporate clients.

Stress, anxiety, lifestyle disorders are common causes of reduced productivity and tardiness rate in corporate

This Ayurvedic Wellness, Life Style Management approach, seasonal cleansing and eating habits will make your staff stress free, healthy and more productive.

Are you ready for your next Ayurvedic wellness project, call us and motivate your staff. 

We’re bringing our successful experience to corporate clients and employee assistant programs. We’d like to partner with your company and engage your employees and their families in a program of stress reduction, wellness, Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle management.

Managing Stress 

Stress is a major contributing factor to many chronic health conditions and poor work performance. This program offers ways to reduce and manage stress. The first step is to recognize how stress is introduced into our lives, only then can we move on to effectively manage it. Remember that prevention is better than cure.

Our Corporate Program

This program starts with one hour presentation which educates participants in the philosophy and history of Ayurveda, the Ayurvedic/yogic therapies. An on-site mini dosha assessment is recommended to ensure the maximum benefit of all therapies.

Following the presentation, specially trained Ayurvedic counselors will attend to clients for therapy sessions through the remainder of the program. This is done by appointment, and will continue throughout the work day, or for several days according to the need.

We can tailor programs to address your company/employee needs. Please email jmdaptardar@hotmail.com or call 203 857 4123 for more details.

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