Fees and Financial agreement

 Active Ayurveda and Yoga LLC.
                                                            Finance Policy and Fee Agreement
      Initial Evaluation and First Follow up Appointment are required for new clients.
                                                  Initial Evaluation : 90 minutes
                                                   Follow up in one month to three months: 60 minutes to 90 minutes
                                              If follow up is not done, new evaluation is required. There will not be any advisement over the phone or email if monthly follow up is not done on regular basis.
                                            New Evaluation may be required for new issues or problems. Fees are variable according to the type of appointment. Ask about student and senior citizens discount.
There is an additional charge for Herbs and other services or products if provide or recommend.
Fees are due at the time of services or before the services are rendered. You are voluntarily participating in our services. We are not medical doctors or licence clinicians. Please consult your doctor for medical or clinical problems or any urgent needs. These services are for wellness and healing purposes. There is no refund after the services are rendered.
Payment may be made via cash or check only. At this point Active Ayurveda and Yoga does not accept credit cards or bill insurance companies for any services.
If you miss scheduled appointment without giving 24 hours’ notice. Full appointment fee will be charged to your account. We expect timely arrival for scheduled appointments. If you arrive late, your session may be shortened in order to accommodate next appointment, depending upon your late arrival time. You will be responsible for the full fees due to late arrival.
I agree before making an appointment that I have read and understand the financial policy and fee agreement of Active Ayurveda and Yoga LLC.